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I've been having PT sessions with Dan now for almost 4 months and was lucky enough to have some HIIT sessions before hand and along the way with both Fran and Dan. My body has changed for the better, both inside and out and my attitude towards the gym and myself has improved massively.

Dan is a fab trainer, gives a lot of advice whenever needed, pushes me when I need to be pushed and gives a lot of reassurance and praise. I haven't even thought about ending my time with DF Fitness yet, so would 100% recommend.

Having trained for a few years, I had a rough idea of the basics and wasn’t sure whether I should take the dive and start working with Dan. That was 2 years ago and I haven’t looked back since.

My progress has exceeded all my expectations and I feel like I’ve got a real teammate on my side working with Dan.

He’s equipped with the knowledge, determination and drive to smash every goal you set, as long as you put in the work. If you’re thinking about making the leap, you won’t regret it.

You’ll make gains you never know you could, and you’ll have a laugh on the way too.

Months before my wedding I made the decision to train with Dan. My goal was to drop weight and tone up before my big day. Dan set out my food plan and adapted to my requirement ensuring I would hit my target. With that push and support I felt at ease.

I took on Dan as a personal trainer over 12 months ago and have worked together with weekly workouts to improve my overall body shape and stamina. 

Since commencement I have lost 14lbs in weight and reduced my body fat by 4%

Each session brings something new and the flexible program is adapted by what we both feel would benefit me most. This also includes dietary recommendations 

Dans attitude and professionalism is first class and would recommend him for the changes you may wish to make in your lifestyle and health.

Getting strong whilst losing weight has become easy since training with Dan. Each session is motivating and challenging which has led me to become more confident in my own body. We train twice a week doing different routines whilst regularly checking up on my weight and progress. Dan is there for constant support and I couldn’t thank him enough. 


Dan has been an absolute diamond. He took me on as a client after my weight loss challenge as I now wanted to tone up. I hadn't been in a gym for over 15 years and was very anxious.

Dan was not only professional, but his positive support and encouragement is second to none. Through his help and support I am now not only stronger physically but also mentally;


I wouldn't be the person I am today with out him.

I've been having PT sessions with Dan for a year and he's so supportive and gets you to those goals no matter how big or small.

Dan is the best PT I’ve had! In July I came away from my summer holiday feeling rather low about my appearance and aware my health was not as it should be. Sadly i realised I wasn’t as young I used to be and my thirties had hit hard! i decided I had to do something about it and adopt a healthier lifestyle. I found Dan and I haven’t looked back! By Christmas I was significantly leaner, stronger and healthier. Everyone was commenting on how well I had done and even the doctors could see physical evidence of the positive impact on my body in my tests. For once in my life I started to look and feel the way I had always dreamed and I couldn’t believe how fast! The question now is what more can I achieve? Dan is incredible motivating, understanding and pushes you to be the best you can be with out being a military drill sergeant. He is my little ray of positivity after a hard day at work! believe the reviews.... he really will change your life!

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