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I have been working with Dan for a year or so know and love every session. His energy and positivity encourages me to push myself. I am a semi-professional footballer and needed to improve my size and strength so Dan created a specific program which has made me achieve these goals. I am now strong and fitter than ever which has improved my life on and off the pitch.



Hey, my name is Dan. I started my personal training/ coaching business more than 4 years ago. After working with 100’s of clients and 1000’s of hours of coaching under my belt I aim to help people overcome barriers and become the best version of themselves possible.

I began training over 10 years ago after playing a variety of sports from a young age. Once I started to see the physical changes this made to my body and helping control my type 1 diabetes, I knew this would become a huge part of my life.


After experiencing the physical and mental benefits of exercise and nutrition myself I decided to follow my passion and help others to work towards being the best versions of themselves.

So whether your goals are fat loss, muscle gain, strength gain or just to improve overall fitness, If you’re younger or older, I believe I have the experience and knowledge to give you the best chance of attaining your ideal physique and mindset.

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